Only cocker to earn the titles Champion, MACH and UDX.

Finished her championship B/O/H with 3 majors.

March 2003-finished her UDX title becoming
only the 17th Cocker Spaniel to earn this title.

#2 Obedience cocker spaniel by OTCH points in 2002
Top 5 obedience cocker by OTCH points in 2003

My first agility dog- earned her
NA,NAJ,OA,OAJ,AX,AXJ,MX,MXJ titles in less than 1 year.

Ranked in the top 10 in agility by double Q's in 2004

#4 cocker by double Q's in 2005

Top 20 cocker in agility speed points in 2005

#6 cocker by double Q's in 2006

In 2007, Demi moved to the preferred agility classes. She is doing well and
having fun - still running but only jumping 8 inches.

Demi is the best teammate I could ask for in agility and obedience.
She has earned a total of 31 AKC titles and she is still competing.

Demi was the OFA Champion of Health
for December 2006.
Click here to see her page.

OFA Excellent, Patella Normal,
Cardiac Normal, Thyroid Normal, Cerf 4/08


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