Youngest Cocker Spaniel to earn CD Title (6 months & 20 days old)

Best In Sweepstakes winner
Finished B/O/H from the bred by class.

BOS to BOV 2005 Eukanuba Classic

High in Trial Obedience at ASC July 2005

Millie is becoming a great agility dog.
She is lots of fun to run, but she loves tunnels and
sometimes makes up her own course in order to do a tunnel.
In 2009, Millie has put it all together in the agility ring.
She finished her MACH title by earning 7 straight double Q's.
She has remained consistent and finished her MACH2 title in November 2009.
Millie was ranked #12 in agility in 2009.
2010 - Millie earns MACH3 and MACH4. Ranked #11 agility cocker

Millie LOVES her balls.

OFA Good, Cardiac Normal, Thyroid Normal, Cerf 10/10


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