Spring 2008 litter

CH Lamar's Montana X CH Skiboo's Venetian Affair

Whelped April 27, 2008

Skiboo's Glacier Express

Venice only had one puppy.
A little boy who was not a strong nurser so did
not bring in her milk. "Little Man" was hand raised.
He is a very special puppy to me.

At 7 weeks old, he crawled into the soft crate with his
great grandmother "Cannoli" and fell asleep resting on her leg.

He is very outgoing and certainly spoiled as are most
single puppies. With his personality he will be fun
to show in breed and performance events.

Head shot and stacked shot at 13 weeks old.

Stacked photo below taken at 15 weeks old.
He is turning into a very nice puppy.

Skiboo's Glacier Express

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We seldom have puppies at Skiboo's. When planning a litter,
I try to breed for health, temperament, soundness and
intelligence. I usually breed one litter every 2 to 3 years.


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