We seldom have puppies at Skiboo's. When planning a litter,
I try to breed for health, temperament, soundness and
intelligence. I usually breed one litter every 2 to 3 years.

Updated March 2013

Click on the links below to see our previous litters.

Tango and Dazzle - Born September 3, 2012
Ch Lydgate Latin Lover X Ch Skiboo's Dazzling Censation JH, WD

Tango and Squirt - Born November 9, 2011
A Single Boy
Ch Lydgate Latin Lover X Ch MACH2 Skiboo's One Night Censation CD, RN, WD

Louis and Bella - Born July 14, 2010
MBIS, FCI-INT, AKU, NTG, KOR, AM Ch Royal Guardian's That's My Boy
X Ch Skiboo's Heavenly Beginnings

Patrick and Bella - Born June 2, 2008
MBIS, MBISS Ch San Jo's Born To Win X Ch Skiboo's Heavenly Beginnings

Montana and Venice - Born April 27, 2008
Our singleton puppy
Ch Lamar's Montana X Ch Skiboo's Venetian Affair

Brady and Millie - Born September 17, 2006
Ch Skiboo's Sensational Speculation RN, NAJ
X Ch MACH3 Skiboo's One Censational Night CD, RE


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